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Is Gas Guzzling up Your Bank Account?

September 22nd, 2006 at 02:41 pm

Try some of these tips to really save your money on fuel.

1. Keep your car maintained. Your fuel efficiency will increase by 25% over a poorly maintained vehicle.
2. Don’t get high octane gas unless you have a high performance vehicle. Most automobiles run fine on the regular octane with a $6.00 gas booster (which needs to be added every six months).
3. Check the pressure. Make sure your tires are at the pressure your manufacturer recommends. This will increase fuel efficiency by 30%.
4. Think of a driving plan. Make sure your daily errands are properly designed. If you are overlapping your driving routes, change it.
5. Stop beating people off the line. Accelerate your car at a regular rate. Think of it this way. Every time you speed up at a red light you lose 25% of your fuel versus accelerating slower, and when you accelerate quickly at a traffic light people make fun of you. Trust me. They do…
6. Slow down, speed racer. If you obey the speed limit you will have your car running at maximum efficiency. You will also save money by never having to pay a speeding ticket ever again!
7. Try to cruise. Using your cruise control feature (if your car has it) can save you from constantly accelerating, and decelerating. Avoid slower cars, and anticipate future traffic so you slow down slowly instead of hitting the brakes and smashing your head on the steering wheel.

If you would like some more tips. Go to Bankrate and Wiki and remember an inefficient car is an expensive car.

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