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Donít Buy What You Donít Need.

September 27th, 2006 at 04:46 am

Have you ever purchased something that you used once then threw it in the back of your closet or garage? Most people donít ever think how much money they loose by purchasing things they donít really need. Sometimes buying your ďwantsĒ can be self-satisfying but extremely expensive when used only a few times. Here is a great example that has happened to at least ten people I know. You ever buy a shirt that you think will look great, wear it twice, and then you never wear it again. Try to apply this to other things in your life.

Before you head off to college and decide to get a fancy computer make sure you read this article. Consumers need to learn to shop for good deals that will save hundreds of dollars by going to websites like these: FatWallet, Woot, and NewEgg for electronics. Shop around for good deals online, and donít buy things you donít need.

1 Responses to “Donít Buy What You Donít Need.”

  1. mountainmist Says:

    I do it abit differently. I make sure that everybody in my home has more than enough clothing to wear - and I don't care if some of it has to be given away after being worn only a couple times, because I buy almost all of it at thrift shops or during consignment store sales.

    What does a nice brand new shirt cost nowadays - about fifty bucks?

    The way I shop, that's enough to outfit ONE human being for the next five years, LOL.

    We are not doing our part here, to support the local clothing & fashion industry - I can't think of a sillier thing to spend money on, all fashionable clothing has built in obsolescence and the second you walk out of the store, what's it really worth??? Maybe a buck at a garage sale, maybe eight bucks at a classy consignment shop?

    Might as well rip up and throw your money in the street, LOL.

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