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Liquor Over Beer Makes YOU Richer

October 11th, 2006 at 11:45 am

Over 21 only article –involves alcohol

Can drinking alcohol increase how much money you get at the end of the month? According to The Journal of Labor Research, drinkers usually earn 10-14% more than non-drinkers. You could read the whole article at CNN Money. A lot of writers on the internet have already thrown in their 2 cents on this new discovery. I am going to hit this subject from a different angle with an experiment of my own.

According to The Journal of Jeremie’s Research lab, people that drink liquor can save even more money than beer drinkers (and they won’t have bad beer breath). This “real” research lab found that if you purchase liquor instead of beer can save you hundreds of dollars by the end of the year. *The only real research that Jeremie has done is take down prices at a few different liquor stores, gas stations, and grocery stores.*

Most of time you need to purchase mixers such as: Cranberry juice, orange juice, soft drink, ect. Let’s make another assumption and you spend $6.00 for 2 bottles of juice (2 liters).

Check out the whole article to see all the data here. http://www.efipo.com/20061011/liquor-over-beer-makes-you-ri...

As you can see, even if you purchase premium liquor your price per drink is much less than using dirt cheap beer. So who ever said you can’t have quality and quantity is completely wrong! Remember this only works when you drink at home.

Cheers & Drink Responsively!

1 Responses to “Liquor Over Beer Makes YOU Richer”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    Now I know why I have money!! Seriously, I read that article somewhere!
    The mixer we use is diet sprite. I stock up on it during holidays when it is real cheap. I just finished my 4th of July stash this week and have started on my labor day stash!

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