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Goals Equal Success #1

October 30th, 2006 at 07:52 am

Continuation of “A Different kind of Investing” and more things that I’ve learned from “The Richest Man Who Ever Lived” by Steven K. Scott.

You ever wonder why some people are successful and others fail? According to this book, there are two significant things to do to become successful. The first thing is to plan correctly, and the second is to seek consul. This post will discuss how planning correctly can really change your life.

Let me first ask a question that I know everyone has heard before. Do you want to be rich, successful, and have loving relationships? I would say everyone I know would want to answer yes. Here comes a question that most people don’t hear after that first question is asked. How are you going to be rich, successful, and find loving relationships? Isn’t that question much harder to answer? Let me show you some steps to make this process as fun and easy as possible.

1st. What are your goals? Everyone has there own individual goals like: being rich, successful, loved, and popular. Everyone also has a dream job that they would want to do: movie star, rock star, politician (my dream), doctor, astronaut, stand-up comedian, and etcetera. Write out all your goals. They can be short term, mid term, or long term. Make them as broad as possible. After you have them all written down, list them in the order of importance to you.

Here are my broad, but arranged goals: Relationships, eFIPO & other Websites, Knowledge, Career, Money, Charity, High School, House, Higher Education.

2nd. After they are to your liking, write how you plan to achieve those goals. Again, make these pretty broad. Here’s my first goal with broad steps to achieve that goal.

Spend as much time with wife and kids (I’m not married or have any kids, but still a dream of mine)
Get my kids involved in school activities
Take trips with my wife and kids as much as possible
Bring kids to grandparent’s house as much as possible

3rd. Take your most important goal and describe it in detail. My most important goal is relationship building within my family. Here is the definition of the family life that I would like to achieve in the future. -Spend as much time with my wife and kids and have a loving family. I would love the ability to have a really strong family by always having an open door and an open heart. I want to love and motivate all my children to be whatever they dream to be. I want a loving wife that shows that we will be in love till we are grey and old. I want to be with her sitting in a hammock at 65 and still cuddling and loving each other like the first day we met. Our home will be warm and inviting to our kid’s friends, and family. I want to participate in as many activities with my kids in and out of school. I want them to feel loved, secure, and a bond that cannot be broken.-

4th. Take your description and add a short, mid, and long term steps that are easy to accomplish. The way I want to achieve a loving family is to begin with a loving relationship with my future wife. Here is how I hope to accomplish it.

Have a great relationship with my girlfriend

Be kind and gentle
Be respectful and listen
Do not overreact
Spend time with her instead of my friends

Save for a ring
Prepare a speech to deliver to her parents to ask for her hand in marriage

Outline how long we have been together
Say how much I love her and her family

Get married

Help in the wedding, let her make most of the decisions because it’s her day

Have a lot of fun with my new wife

Do things we both enjoy
Do things she enjoys
Have nights for just us
Have nights with friends
Always tell her what is on my mind

Develop a very strong relationship before we decided to have children
Move to a house with a good school district and neighborhood
Have the kids
Be there for my wife in time of need
Decide whether she should work or I should work
Play sports with my kids and share my wisdom with them
Talk to them and be supportive of their aspirations and dreams
Make them feel secure by promoting a safe and comfortable household
Show my kids that their mother and I have a great relationship and bond
Promote a healthy lifestyle and exercise with my family
Have family discussions and keep an open door policy
Always stay true and loyal to my wife and kids

5th. Do this with all your goals. I know this seems long and tedious, but it works wonders. You may be asking yourselves “Jeremie do you do this?” Yup! I have about six pages of ways to accomplish my goals and its growing. I truly believe that if you have a detailed plan, you can achieve anything. If I were to give you an address to my house, it would be nearly impossible to find. But if I gave you detailed directions then it would be extremely easy to find. Your life is not much different.

More to come soon….

3 Responses to “Goals Equal Success #1”

  1. The Frugal Law Student Says:

    You're right. Correct planning equals success. Looking back at most of the failures in my life, the one thing they all have in common is me not adequately planning.

    Good luck on your goals.

  2. Broken Arrow Says:

    I can most certainly agree that most people (that I know of anyway) don't have a firm grasp of how to make something happen. They only think about what they want to do, IF they have money.

    Seriously, two of my friends pitched a business idea to me about opening a fitness gym just last week! (Ah, the pain of them knowing that I now have a little bit of money.) Their basic pitch was, "Wouldn't it be great?" However, they mentioned next to nothing on HOW they were going to make it work, besides me thrown all my money at them.

    I love them like a brother, but.... Big Grin

  3. kashi Says:

    Interesting. I had a friend once who planned out every detail of her life, much like this. Must graduate from college. Must find man and date for exactly one year. At end of year, get engaged. Be engaged for exactly one year, then get married. Begin having children two years after marriage. etc etc.

    She's made it happen...but did she make the right choices, since she was so hellbent on attaining these precise goals? Only time will tell, I guess, and since her husband is a jerk, I don't talk to her anymore.

    Good to have a loose plan, but don't think it's set in stone, and make sure to have fun along the way.

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