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Goals Equal Success #2

October 30th, 2006 at 12:08 pm

Continuation of “A Different kind of Investing”, Goals Equal Success #1, and more things that I’ve learned from “The Richest Man Who Ever Lived” by Steven K. Scott.

Dreams are nothing more than the completion of goals set by the individual. Like I said before, I truly believe that every dream is possible if you have a detailed plan to achieve it. The world cannot stop you when you have the drive and plan to succeed.

Here’s the story of two groups of people that share a common dream, but have two totally different ways to attain it. They both want to be popular musicians in two different genre of music. They both have great bands, vocals, talent, and lyrics, but one band lacks motivation and planning skills.

The first band started small, but they all had the dream of greatness. The band developed a plan on how they would be able to accomplish that dream and make it a reality. They played at every place they could and always try to get their name out there. They also saved as much money as possible to be able to record their songs in a studio. They spent countless hours trying to perfect their sound. When everything was done, they finally released a studio quality CD. They found a music manager to market the band to record labels and are on the track to stardom.

On the other hand, the second band’s popularity ignited much faster. They were invited to play at some big bars in Atlanta and everyone liked their sound. After hearing a couple of their songs, I asked them to play at a party I was having. They were incredible. They just had that sound that everyone liked, but lacked the most important aspects to achieve true success.

They didn’t have any motivation or anything that resembled a detailed plan. They had less motivation than a college student wanting to study calculus (Which means they had zero motivation). After playing at a few bars, they decided that they were too good for those places and declined the offers to play again. They thought someone was just going to listen to their album and give them millions of dollars.

Instead of practicing they partied. Eventually, they couldn’t play anywhere. The band to this very day doesn’t know where they went wrong. Even with all their talent they still crashed and burned. I guess they just felt they were too good and didn’t need to practice, play, and promote.

2 Responses to “Goals Equal Success #2”

  1. Broken Arrow Says:

    To me, dreams are realities unrealized. Rhetorical quibbles aside, I fully agree that just about anything (business-wise) is possible if you have the sense to know how to get there, and drive to get there.

  2. http://cv-writing-services.org.uk/uk-writing.php Says:

    In order to get motivation, you should definitely decide and develop a plan and only then you will be able to realize those motivations that are important to you.

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