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Retirement Rules

November 3rd, 2006 at 02:52 pm

(Congratulations…now you’re
down to only one boss!
Happy Retirement!)

Are you worried about retirement? Probably not… I mean you’re young and you don’t have to worry about it for such a long time. I don’t think so. The “Are you worried about retirement” question is so vague. I better question would like “When do you want to retire, and how much money do you want when you retire at that specific age?” Personally, I want the ability to retire around the age of 40 and then dedicate my life to public service. What are your retirement goals?

Everyone has their own ideas about retirement. Do you want to live lavishly or comfortably? The real question is - how do you plan to fund your retirement? There are so many options out there such as: 401(k), IRA’s, real estate, investing in business, owning your own business, ect. I plan to use pretty much all of the above.

According to the U.S. News & World Report, there are 5 keys to resting easy concerning retirement. Beside the key points are some articles that may interest you concerning that precise topic

1. Plan for the financial transition. Couldn’t find any, which means I will be writing on this very soon. If you find an article on this subject please leave it in the comments!
2. Pay down debt before you retire. Jeremie (me!) from eFIPO.com article on Why save when you’re Broke.
3. Evaluate your assets. 2million article on Asset Allocation
4. Health insurance is a must. Jeremy from Generation X Finance article on Why do I Need Insurance? - Part 2
5. Take care of your health. JLP from AllFinancialMatters article on Health Care.

Go to http://www.efipo.com/20061103/retirement-rules/ for all the links to the articles

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    Most are probably not worried about retirement, but fortunately, I think this crowd here is much more cognizant of it.

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    Each of the items you write is very important and in order to fully provide for your retirement it is worth taking care of each of them.

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    The five keys described to you can really ease the period of retirement and focus your attention on that which is very important.

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